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Ami, Umino, & Hotaru-chan's Anime/Manga Catalog


Hi! We're Ami, Umino, and Hotaru-chan! ^_^ We sell all sorts of anime and manga merchandise. This website is no longer in existance, because we are now auctioning our merchandise at eBay! Please check out our current auctions:

JediJ's Current eBay Anime & Manga Auctions
Exciting and hard-to-find anime and manga merchandise for sale! eBay is a website for bidding on and selling just about anything! If you are't a member, join easily at:

Also, please check out our newest website!!

Anime & Manga for the Sailor Moon Fan
A guide to finding the anime and manga series which were created for and targeted at the BSSM fan, easily and affordably! Read the descriptions, look at the pics, and click on a link to order any item from the world's largest bookstore, at discounted prices! Plus, import-only series and where to get them. The most easy, inexpensive, and secure way to get anime & manga - the way you want it!

If you have any questions, e-mail us at:!

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