Small Lady & Elios: A Match Made in Manga

This is a collection of pictures of Princess Small Lady Selenity and Elios, two characters from Takeuchi Naoko's world-famous manga series, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon". Small Lady is the future daughter of Tsukino Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Chiba Mamoru (Tuxedo Kamen). She is most well-known by the nickname of Chibi-usa. She met Elios in the 19th century during a visit to the past. He had been turned into a pegasus by the evil Neherenia, Small Lady's great-aunt. Elios appeared to Chibiusa in his pegasus form and he gave her a glass bell with which to call him. She began to care about him deeply and thought of him every day. He soon fell for her as well. Small Lady, as Super Sailor Star Chibimoon, along with Sailor Moon and the other sailor senshi, finally defeated Neherenia and set him free. Elios then discovered that Chibiusa was in fact the younger form of the future beautiful Princess Lady Selenity whom he had been in love with throughout time. After being set free, he had to leave for his home Elysion, located in the center of the Earth, where he spent his days praying for the safety of the planet, waiting for the day when Chibiusa would grow into his love, the Moon Princess. We do not know of their fate, but it is easy to guess that they will grow to love each other more and more as time goes on, and eventually marry and be King and Queen of the Earth.

All of the pictures on this page were scanned by me. I will appreciate it very much if you do not take them and put them on your own web pages. However, feel free to download them to look at anytime you want! ^_^

*By the way, in some translations, Princess Small Lady Selenity is written as Princess Small Lady Serenity and Elios as Helios, but they are still the same characters you may have heard of before. I chose to use Selenity rather than Serenity since Selene is the name of a goddess of the moon, and I think that is what Naoko was referring to by the name. Eriosu is Elios in katakana, and if his name was indeed meant to be Helios, I think it would have been written as Hiriosu, not Eriosu, but it is up to you to decide how you want to interpret it. =)

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