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1. The Three Fuiren Principles & Other Rules

2. Growing Power

3. Getting PQ Angels

4. Manga Translations

5. PQ Angels Logo

The Three Fuiren Principles & Other Rules

P-ko and Q-ko have some rules that they are supposed to follow. The main one is regarding the Three Fuiren Principles.

"Three Fuiren Principles"

Article 1: Do not injure a human.

Article 2: Protect yourself and your allies.

Article 3: Do not fall in love with a human.

They must always defend these with their lives and perform their duty. If they break the sacred principles, paritularily Article 3, the penalty is to be punished by the penal code, the law for punishments. P-ko has already violated Article 3 by falling in love with Ouji, so we'll just have to wait to find out what happens. P-ko says that they are to protect the Three Fuiren Principles and not involve humans more than necessary. They also mustn't reveal information.... Q-ko has to pay close attention to P-ko so she doesn't let things slip!

Growing Power

P-ko and Q-ko have a special power which allows them to change size! They call out, "Gigantic Mode!!" to grow into giants, and then, "Normal Mode!!" to return to human size. So far they have only used this power once.

Getting PQ Angels

If you are interested in seeing "PQ Angels" for yourself, here is all you need to know!

"PQ Angels" is not published in tankouban (manga book) form.

"PQ Angels" ran in the monthly shoujo manga magazine "Nakayoshi" (a.k.a. Nakayosi) in Japan.

AS OF JULY 2004 "PQ ANGELS" HAS NOT RETURNED TO "NAKAYOSHI". The series is on a very indefinite hiatus, and we don't know when it'll be continued, if ever. Takeuchi Naoko took a break in February 1998 and never picked up the story again. Since then, she created a stand-alone story called "Toki Meca", a short series called "Love Witch", and has been involved in "Sailormoon" anime syndication, "Sera Myu" musicals, and the "Sailormoon" live-action TV drama.

The issues "PQ Angels" was featured in were September 1997, October 1997, November 1997, and December 1997. You can search for Nakayoshi or Nakayosi on eBay and see if anyone is auctioning off back issues. Obtaining an extremely rare back issue is the ONLY way to see "PQ Angels".

"Nakayosi" features about 9 large stories and 5 short stories & include little goodies such as stationery, stickers, diaries, posters, toys, and boxes with each issue. It also includes exclusive color manga artwork, video game reviews, manga previews, celebrity interviews, CD & movie news, manga-drawing technique, what's new and cool in Japan, fan art, and more. I recommend it if you like shoujo manga art.

Some of the famous series that have been featured in it are:

Manga Translations

Okay, you've got your "Nakayosi" now, but you can't read the Japanese? Don't sweat; the best translations of "PQ Angels" are available on the Web!

The Manga of Takeuchi Naoko

Alex Glover does terrific work. You may have seen some of his BSSM song translations. He has translated a lot of Naoko's manga, and is planning on doing all of it! Be sure to bookmark his site and check back regularly!

If you want translations of the other stories in "Nakayosi" just try searching the Web with a search engine. Maybe you'll discover some other translation projects that are going on! Here are some places you can start looking:

Anime Script and Manga Translations on the Internet

Translation Links

Anime & Manga Scripts

PQ Angels Logo

Here is the logo for the series. ^_^

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