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This site supplies information and pictures of the characters and the story of "PQ Angels", the rare manga series from Naoko Takeuchi (creator of the world-famous "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon")! This series is about two alien girls who come to Earth and the boy one of them falls for during her first day on the planet. This story was left unfinished after only 4 chapters were published in Nakayoshi magazine, leaving it an enigma for those who did not pick up those 4 issues in 1997. Please enjoy them, and if you'd like to take any pictures, feel free! ...but don't go make a mirror of my gallery on your own site - what would be the point?

All of the graphics at my site were scanned by me, unless accompanied by an asteric (*). This signifies that I took the particular file from a site that did not have a "stealing pics" rule.

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