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This is "The P-ko Intro & Info Page", one of the first 10 web pages EVER to be dedicated solely to the cute alien girl P-ko from Takeuchi Naoko's manga series, "PQ Angels"!

P-ko's Profile

Codename: P

Nicknames: Peanut & Plum

Name used on Earth: Rakkasei Piiko (P-ko)

Called by her Friends: Piiko-chan

Partner: Q

Rank: Orc Halberd Oniwaban

Symbol: Heart

Age: 14 years

Birthday: March 3

Blood Type: O

School: Koganemushi Private Academy

Grade: 7

Class: 1-1

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Blue

Powers: Transforming from Fuiren form to Protective Color Mode and back, Transforming into a super hero

Special Items: Bracelet, Bubble Gun

Likes to: Eat human food, discover Earth, be with friends, have fun

Likes: Hagemashi Ouji

P is one of two aliens sent to Earth as their first duty as the newly appointed Orc Halberd Oniwaban, guardians of the Queen Anko. Her partner, the other alien, is Q.

It is the year 1999. They are Fuiren. They are here on an unknown mission.

P is her codename. Her nicknames are Peanut and Plum. When she comes to Earth she uses the name Rakkasei Piiko (P-ko). Her green-haired partner goes by Niigauri Kyuuko (Q-ko).

P-ko is a bright and energetic girl with long orange hair worn in two braids sticking out from the back of her head. She loves to eat human food, and is very interested in humans.... especialy one by the name of Hagemashi Ouji. During her first day on Earth P-ko saw him. As time goes on, it seems that she has a growing crush on him, despite one of the Three Fuiren Principles which states that she must not fall in love with a human! ^-^

Ouji is in her class at Koganemushi Private Academy. He has dark hair, and is the only person who realizes that P-ko and Q-ko are extraterrestrials. He won't tell anyone about them since, as he requested, they promised him his safety and that of the Earth. He thinks that the girls are weird even though they are friendly, and wonders why they do such strange things ("Those two.... Why are they shooting off fireworks at six in the morning?? Am I hallucinating?? And they were floating again. I saw it! And I saw their panties too...."). He thinks about what planet they could be from, and wonders what purpose they came to this one for. He also dislikes insects.

This is unfortunate for P-ko, since she is a cockroach. So far, Ouji has not discovered this secret.

The Fuiren are cockroaches. However, P and Q disguise themselves as teenage girls by calling out "Protective Color Mode!" and transforming into humans.

They have special bracelets which they kiss to transform into their Fuiren (cockroach) form. As an insect, P-ko has curly antennae and a heart on her back. Q-ko has a star. The only way they can return to human form is by kissing someone (anyone!) on the lips! P-ko likes to use Ouji to transform. '.~

If either girl is kissed by a human, they immediately turn into a cockroach. Poor P-ko! She was kissed by Ouji under some mistletoe and didn't really get to enjoy it (actually, it was by accident that he kissed her; he had fallen on her after pushing her out of the way of an attack).

When danger arises, who do you think appear to protect the human race from evil aliens? P-ko and Q-ko of course!

  • "P!!"
  • "Q!!"
  • "Warning Color Mode!!"
  • Hands clasped together, they kiss.
  • "Fuiren Aura!! Metamorphose!!!"
  • They say this to transform into super heroes. They wear what is like a sports bra on top with a respective heart or star cut out of the center, and a bikini bottom. P-ko's bottom has the letter P printed on both sides, as Q-ko's has the letter Q. The edges of their clothes have white trim, and the fabric is multi-colored. P-ko's is in oranges and reds, Q-ko's is in browns and greens. They each wear a necklace with a heart or star hanging from it. They both wear knee-high boots with a jewel on the left knee and their particular shape on the other leg. Both girls have insect emblems on their arms.

    P-ko has a dark head covering with ears on it. One of the ears has a red heart on it. She has a bubble gun that shoots a different type of food each time it is used, such as ice cream, fish, or Christmas tortes.

    P-ko depends on her partner Q-ko, and they are good friends (well, to Q-ko they weren't at first, but now they are), and they've even made some human friends. P-ko of course considers herself friends with next-door neighbor Ouji and his older brother Ouga. She and Q-ko also have four girl friends and two guy friends from school.

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