~~P-ko & Ouji Together 4-Ever!~~

Welcome everyone!

This is the first webpage EVER to be dedicated to P-ko and Ouji as a couple. I've filled it with cute pictures of them together. They make an really cute pair!

P-ko is the bright and energetic alien girl who comes to Earth in the year 1999 with her partner Q-ko. Ouji is the human boy she falls for her first day on the planet! She and Q-ko move in next-door to Ouji's house, and it turns out that he is in P-ko's class at school. He's the only person who knows that these two pretty teenagers are extraterrestrials.

Since there are numerous large pictures on this page, it may take a while to load. Please be patient. I'm sure you will find these pictures well worth the wait! ^-^

*Thank you, Rotasu, for giving me the "first kiss" picture! IMO, it's the best one on the page! =)


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This page was created on January 18, 1998 by Stephanie