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This is "The Ouji Intro & Info Page", the first web page EVER to be dedicated solely to Hagemashi Ouji, the main guy from Takeuchi Naoko's manga series "PQ Angels"!

Ouji's Profile

Name: Hagemashi Ouji

Age: 14 years

School: Koganemushi Private Academy

Grade: 7

Class: 1-1

Hair Color: Dark (unknown)

Eye Color: Dark (unknown)

Family: Hagemashi Ouga (older brother), Father, Hagemashi Umeko (Father's Wife)

Likes: Watering flowers, Listening to music on his headphones, Reading

Probably Likes: P-ko

Dislikes: Insects

Important facts: Only human who knows that the girls P-ko & Q-ko are aliens; however, doesn't know that they can transform into Fuiren form (cockroaches).

Hagemashi Ouji is a 14-year-old boy who lives with his older brother Ouga, his father, and his father's wife. He has always just had a regular, normal life.... well, okay, so he likes to water flowers in his free time and doesn't talk to people a lot. But still, his life was pretty normal until one day when he was at the Narita terminal of New Tokyo International Airport listening to his headphones. He looked up into the sky and saw something round. Although thinking it might be a UFO, Ouji had no more time to wonder about it as his dad and Umeko (his dad's wife) were just then leaving on a plane.

After a little while Ouji noticed two cockroaches on the floor. Ouji hates insects, but he bent down to look at them, since one had a heart on its back, and the other a star. Just then, the bug with the heart shape jumped onto his lips. After a flash of light, Ouji found himself on the ground with an orange-haired girl lying on top of him. She giggled. Ouga walked up and the other bug immediately leaped onto his lips. In a moment he was also lying beneath a teenage girl. This one had light green hair. She promptly grabbed the other girl and, with a quick apology for bumping into them, ran off.

Ouji thought that they were terrorists because of the flash of light, which he perceived as an explosion. He noticed a heart-shaped pendant on the ground.

This was only the beginning. The next day the "terrorists" were seen outside of Ouji's house flying in the sky in a ball of light. Ouji realized that they were not human, and as he could see up their skirts, wondered why one was wearing panties with strawberries on them.

In minutes, a house had appeared next to Ouji's in the previously vacant lot. The extraterrestrials had moved in next-door! The orange-haired girl soon introduced herself as his new neighbor, Peanut. The green-haired girl was Kyuuri. Ouga, glad to see two beautiful girls living so near, didn't notice anything the matter, but Ouji decided that it must be an alien invasion.

Ouji soon discovered that the cheerful and cute Peanut was in his class at school, and he wondered why these aliens had come to this planet, and from where. Peanut told everyone at Koganemushi Private Academy that her name is P-ko.

Unbeknownst to Ouji, the two girls, P-ko and Q-ko, are the Orc Halberd Oniwaban, guardians of the missing Fuiren queen, Queen Anko. Their present mission is to look for her on Earth. They can transform into super heroes and into Fuiren.... in our language, Fuiren means cockroaches! Also unknown to Ouji is the fact that P-ko is breaking one of the Three Fuiren Principles, which is to not ever fall in love with a human. She's got a giant crush on him!

One day on his way to cram school, Ouji, holding the necklace he'd found at the airport, looked up into the night sky to again see the flying girls, this time wearing what is like a sports bra on top with a bikini bottom. P-ko's bottom has the letter P printed on both sides, as Q-ko's has the letter Q. P-ko flew down and took the necklace from him.

"Oh! My ID badge! You brought it for me! Thank you, Hagemashi!"

"Navel-baring, flying aliens," he thinks. "Disappearing into the full moon of night. This is too much."

One day Ouji confronted the two girls about their real identities, and Q-ko begged him to keep it a secret. Ouji had anticipated this request, and told her that if she would promise him his safety and that of the Earth he would not expose their secret. P-ko explained cheerfully that they would never want to harm anyone, but rather, befriend everyone! Ouji was skeptical about that, but didn't tell anyone about the alien girls.

At P-ko and Q-ko's Christmas party Ouji, unaware of the fact, sat underneath some mistletoe with P-ko, who hoped he would give her her first kiss. He did.... but at a later time, when two alien monsters appeared and attacked everyone who was celebrating the holiday at a church. One of them threw a giant Christmas tree at P-ko. Ouji quickly pushed her out of the way and the two, slipping, landed on top of each other! The moment their lips touched, P-ko "disappeared" and a cockroach was sitting on Ouji's mouth. It totally freaked him out, and he didn't really get over this insect encounter for the rest of the day.

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