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Here's information and graphics of Ouga, Umeko, General Paichuu, Honey, and other characters that P-ko and Q-ko, the two alien girls who come to the planet Earth in 1999, know well!

This page is intense with pictures to show you what everyone looks like, so it may take a while to load. Please be patient. =)

Hagemashi Ouga

Ouga is the older brother of Ouji, a 14-year-old boy who is the only human that knows P-ko and Q-ko are extraterrestrials. The two girls moved in next-door to the Hagemashi's house, which pleased Ouga. He was glad to find two beautiful teenagers living in his neighborhood. He of course doesn't know that they are aliens, and has befriended them. He doesn't realize that the girl he "bumped into" at the airport was actually Q-ko transforming into her human form from being a Fuiren..... in other words, a cockroach! To change into their human form the girls must fly to someone (anyone!) and land on their lips. This is how Ouga found himself lying on the floor with Q-ko on top of him. He never made the connection between her at the airport and the girl next-door.

Ouga lives with his brother, father, and his father's wife. He has light-colored hair, and wears glasses most of the time.

Q-ko just might be attracted to him, but so far we can't quite tell. ^-^

Hagemashi Umeko

Umeko is the wife of Ouga and Ouji's father. She is pretty, energetic, and sometimes silly. After returning home from a trip with her husband, she met the new next-door neighbors P-ko and Q-ko. She invited them into the house and gave them cake and tea.... and they ended up eating a lot of other food as well. Of course, they stayed to help wash all of the dishes, and they became friends. P-ko calls her "Umeko-mama", since she is the "mama" of Ouga and Ouji.

The next time they met up was at church for a Christmas celebration. Things got out of hand when aliens appeared to possess two people there and everyone started throwing all of the cakes through the air. Umeko and the nun ran away from the possessed twosome, but P-ko and Q-ko secretly transformed into super-heroes to combat them. The aliens were exorcised and the two people asked for forgiveness for their actions. The two girls were sighted floating in the sky by Umeko (and everyone else) so they decided to pretend to be angels so that their identity wouldn't be discovered. Umeko was very excited to see real angels.

General Paichuu

P and Q are the codenames for P-ko and Q-ko. They are under General Paichuu as the Orc Halberd Oniwaban, bodyguards of the Queen Anko. After they completed their training, General Paichuu awarded them golden dolphin statues which symbolize their rank. The girls put them up at their new house on Earth.

One day they all went to visit the queen, but she was not in her palace! P and Q were afraid she might have been kidnapped by the evil forces of Pyrethrum, but the General told them not to jump to conclusions. He assigned them to search for the missing queen on Earth.

General Paichuu has a large bald head with a star on the center of his forehead. His eyes are big and dark, and his yelling can sometimes intimidate P and Q. He stays in another dimension with Honey. To visit him the girls need to use their special ID badges. A portal appears before them and they step through it. The first time they were to report to him General Paichuu was angry because they were late. He found out that it was because P lost her badge but his anger left as she told him she had it back now and Q added that their identities hadn't been discovered by any humans.


Honey is the clay figure shrine maiden who has a large white head with no hair. When General Paichuu, P, and Q went to see Queen Anko at her castle, they only found Honey there behind a cloth. She had searched the whole shrine and the castle for the queen, but to no avail. The queen had disappeared!

When P and Q were assigned to search for the missing queen on Earth Honey gave Q a special glass cylinder. It is an Anko-type queen sensor. When near the queen, it will become thicker. When enemies are near, it will become thinner.

Honey cares about P and Q, and was very glad that they were safe when they were late in reporting to General Paichuu. She made them bamboo tea when they arrived. Honey calls the girls "P-sama" and "Q-sama".

Torikabuto Cecile

Torikabuto Cecile is a friend of P-ko and Q-ko. They met this beautiful model when they began attending Koganemushi Private Academy and she was in their class. She has luxurious long light-colored hair which is very curly. Cecile has been in many cup ramen commercials, and has some big fans. ^-^

Cecile belives in extra-terrestrials. We can only wonder what she'd do if she knew the truth about her two new schoolmates! Cecile also has an interest in the occult and enjoys setting up a fortune-telling stand yearly for the students at school. She puts a dark cloth on her head and sits before a crystal ball. Amazingly, she made a prediction that came true.... she told a boy that he would have trouble with soy sauce, and moments later a girl holding a bowl of soup bumped into him and it spilled all over his clothes! This convinced some other boys that she knew what she was saying.

At the most recent school festival Cecile took part in the bread-eating race, proving yet another of her off-beat ideas of fun.

Cecile was the "lucky" person to receive a kiss from Sunia at P-ko and Q-ko's Christmas party, as she caught her under the mistletoe.


Kuria is another girl friend of P-ko and Q-ko. She also attends Koganemushi Private Academy, and takes part in most of the activities they enjoy. She has light hair in two ponytails, one on each side of her head.

One day she was talking with her friend Sunia about P-ko's ideal.... a prince with which to have a romance. Kuria thinks that nowadays only a person from another planet would say that. She wondered for a second if P-ko is the princess of the moon, but then immediately dismissed the idea. Unknowingly, she was right about P-ko being from another planet!

Kuria gets a little crazy sometimes, like when Sunia kept kissing anybody standing under mistletoe at Christmastime, but she actually isn't as silly as Sunia. Kuria freaks out when she sees something strange, like when a weird fish was flying through the air in P-ko and Q-ko's house, or when P-ko suddenly "disappeared" after being kissed by Ouji. She can't be counted on to be level headed in times of crisis, but she's a fun friend to have.


Sunia has two pigtails of tightly curled hair on each side of her head. She is a classmate of P-ko at school and a good friend of her and Q-ko. Sunia thinks P-ko is very cute. She may be the only person who has thought that Hagemashi Ouji just might be P-ko's dream prince. The Japanese word "ouji" does mean "prince", although it is a different spelling than that of Ouji's name!

Sunia is quite silly and cheerful. She isn't the smartest of the group, but she does make things interesting. She seems to become interested in whatever anyone else is doing, and her silliness surfaces in almost everything she says and does. When she sees alien beings she is never scared, she is just quizzical. She doesn't understand a lot of things, so she doesn't quite notice when something is weirdly different. She simply wonders about it.

Other Friends of P-ko and Q-ko

P-ko and Q-ko have made other friends on Earth besides those described above. The most notable of them are two boys and one girl. Their names are unknown.

The girl has a curly ponytail at the back of her head, and curly bangs.

One of the boys has spiky light hair and wears glasses; the other has shoulder-length dark hair. They both attended P-ko and Q-ko's Christmas party.

Queen Anko

Queen Anko is the queen of P, Q, General Paiichuu, Honey, and their nation. She lives in Fujiyama Castle which stands before a large mountain. It can only be reached by a long flight of 108 stone steps. This way, the queen makes sure she will only meet with those enlightened enough to meet her, as it is believed that climbing the stairs will eliminate all passions. Queen Anko has a roaring dragon named Yamato whom she takes care of with love.

P-ko would often visit the queen to show her TV and comics, which she did not have in the castle. On the day that P and Q reached the rank of Orc Halberd Oniwaban, they went to see the queen only to find out that she had disappeared! There is the possibility that she was kidnapped by the evil Pyrethrum. P and Q's current mission is to search for her on the planet Earth, as they are now the Oniwaban. The Japanese word "oniwaban" means "inner guardian".

Yamato and the Gatekeeper

Yamato is the dragon of Queen Anko who flys through the air around and about Fujiyama Castle. When one claps their hands, Yamato will call out. Its roars sound like the ringing of a bell. After the loving queen disappeared Yamato's voice sounded different, signaling that something was wrong.

P-ko knows Yamato from all of the times she has visited the queen. She calls out a hello when she sees the dragon.

P-ko also always sees the gatekeeper when she arrives at the palace. It is a cat. The gatekeeper is always sleeping, and must be touched softly.

Pyrethrum & the Kunoichi Bank

Pyrethrum is the commander of the Kunoichi Bank, a mysterious group inhabiting the Radical Zone. They are the enemies of P-ko and Q-ko. Pyrethrum has discovered that P and Q are on Earth, and has sent some of his minions to find them.

Actually, pyrethrum is an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums, so you can see by this evil entity's name that he probably wants to get rid of the two Fuiren girls!

The first of his underlings sent after them were the Succi Sisters of Pyrethrum Airlines named Cyanophos, Bromophos, and Prothiophos. Cyanophos, bromophos, and prothiophos are chemicals used for insecticides. They followed the girls to acquire the object Pyrethrum desires. P-ko and Q-ko, however, extinguished them with their super-hero attacks.

The next two to arrive on Earth disguised themselves as magicians, which, in fact, they were.... members of the Pyrethrum Magician Society! They were the women Fenitrothion and Fenthion. They called themselves the Magicians in Black (for short, the MIB sisters). They discovered that P and Q's dolphin statues radiate a powerful force field energy and their house forms a magnetic field. They could not report this to Pyrethrum since after trying one attack on the girls they were destroyed.

After them came the Pyrethrum Beer campaign girls of the fall of '99, also called the camgal sisters. These beer-drinking, swimsuit-wearing, dark-haired women, Baigon and Demilin, recognised that one of the teenage girls competing in a school sports festival really was a Fuiren. It was P-ko. They soon were eliminated in the same fashion as their predesessors.

General Paichuu told P and Q that the aim of Pyrethrum may be to obtain what Queen Anko carries: the Giraffe Stone, a precious gem of which was said that whoever possesses it will control the world. Noone other than the queen knows where this legendary treasure is. It is the Fuiren nation's holy treasure. Paichuu wondered if it has already been stolen, and is being used to spy on P and Q, but so far no leads on the missing queen or the whereabouts of the Giraffe Stone have been uncovered. P and Q will continue to relentlessly search for their queen and to battle the forces of Pyrethrum.

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